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FCC Disclosure / Access to Services / Lifeline Support for Voice or Internet


Service Offerings

Monon Telephone Company directly offers broadband ISP services directly to retail consumers and to business customers.

These services include: Internet access and web mail.

Pricing for retail consumers and businesses is based upon speed of service. Please visit our Internet Service page for service levels and pricing or call our customer service representatives at 219-253-6601.

Our Service for People with Disabilities

We strive to make our services and products accessible to people with disabilities. Under Section 255 of the Federal Communications Act, The Federal Communications Commission requires that we make our services and devices accessible to people with disabilities, if access is readily achievable. This includes peripheral devices and specialized customer equipment that are commonly used by people with disabilities. Please contact us at 219-253-6601 or for further information or to discuss your needs so that we may assist you in using our services.

Congestion Management

We do not regulate, limit, or control network traffic. The Network is designed to accommodate traffic requirements and can handle peak capacity in the event of a partial network outage. In the event of congestion, all traffic is classified as best effort.

Content, Applications, Service and Device Providers

We do not discriminate between or among services it provides and those provided by others. All services which are lawfully obtained are accessible without limitation and no special network practices are employed when third party services or applications are utilized.

Security Measures

Our Network employs metrics which determine whether there is a Denial of Service or similar attack hitting the Network. During the time of such attacks inbound and outbound traffic filtering techniques will be employed to avoid Network congestion and other Network degradation. If any Network traffic appears to be a malicious attempt to disrupt the Network, such as by e-mail spamming or otherwise, corrective action will be taken and Network information may be transmitted to the appropriate law enforcement agency for investigation and possible criminal prosecution under various computer hacking laws.


Want to learn more about the schedule of rates, rules and regulations governing telecommunication services via our Tariffs documentation?Click HERE

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